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Speed Enforcement

Types of Enforcement

Camera speed enforcement within Lancashire falls into three categories; which use different equipment to detect the speed of motorists. The three types are mobile, static and average speed enforcement.
Mobile Enforcement Sites
There are a number of ways mobile speed enforcement sites are agreed. Mobile safety camera vans can and do detect speeding, mobile phone and seatbelt offences.
Any static/fixed site can be used for mobile enforcement as long as it is safe to park. Some of the older sites were introduced based on existing casualty statistics and some were recommended by local councils in response to community concerns. More recently, targeted enforcement has been carried out following complaints received from the public via either: the Police (direct to Roads Policing, the Central Process Unit or through PACT meetings); one of the three local authorities in the area; or those made to the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership. Once a complaint is made the site is risk assessed, casualty data considered and speed readings taken by the relevant council - if this confirms there is a speeding problem at the site and it is safe to carry out mobile enforcement at the location then it is programmed into the enforcement technicians' tasking.

Lancashire RoadWatch 
A new initiative, 'Lancashire RoadWatch,' was introduced back in September 2011; after the local authorities identified the worst roads in our County - all based on casualty data - mobile technicians are now being tasked along these routes and can enforce at any point along the entire route so long as it is safe to do so.
Community RoadWatch 
In 2011, 'Community RoadWatch' was also launched in Lancashire whereby community volunteers work with police officers and conduct speed checks at locations where speeding has been highlighted as a community concern. This scheme is educational and offending motorists are sent warning letters by the volunteers. If you are interested in becoming involved in this initiative please contact Lancashire Constabulary.