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Static Cameras

Static camera enforcement within Lancashire is almost exclusively carried out by fixed cameras within the yellow camera housings situated at the side of the road. There are almost 260 static camera sites within Lancashire, which may be in use at any given time.

The equipment used within the static cameras is a GATSOMETER Radar System with GS11 camera and flash.
          static inside

More information on the Gatso model AUS can be found at www.gatsometer.com

The white lines on the road surface are secondary check marks and are a specified distance apart. Once a vehicle has been identified as breaching the set speed threshold the camera will be triggered to take two photographs. The first will be the evidential photograph with the speed recorded on the Data bar, the second will be 0.5 seconds afterwards and will allow the viewing officer to confirm the speed of the vehicle by calculating the distance the vehicle has travelled between the photographs in the 0.5 second.  It is this area where the enforcement differs from the mobile enforcement in that the fixed site is un manned and requires the second photograph for corroboration of the vehicle speed.

Below is an example of Static enforcement pictoral evidence - two images are always taken.
                     static detection image2

Below is an example calibration certificate

calibration certificate