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Travel for Life - Health Care Professionals

As a GP or Healthcare Practitioner there will unfortunately be times when you are concerned over a patients fitness to drive. You are then obligated to have that difficult conversation with them in order to reach a safe and effective solution.
There are always going to be a number of patients who will no longer be legally able to drive and cases like this must be referred to the DVSA.
For patients who are not suffering from a condition which dictates they must immediately stop driving it's always best to have the conversation early. Lancashire County Council's Safer Travel Team want to provide you with resources and information to make this conversation easier.
We aim to keep Lancashire residents travelling safely and independently for as long as possible by promoting alternative methods of travel.
Unfortunately the number of road casualties in people aged 65+ continue to rise along with extended life and increasing car dependency.
We know that health practitioners can find it difficult to discuss a patient's fitness to drive due to the perceived devastating effect it can have on the patient's mobility and independence. These issues are heightened for people living in rural areas where many are completely reliant on their car and have limited transport alternatives. However, rest assured, we know that people respond in a more positive manner to advice provided by GP's and other health care practitioners.
We offer resources to help assist health care professionals in having these difficult decisions. If you would like a supply of these resources for your surgery/centre please contact our team at safertravelteam@lancashire.gov.uk

Useful Resources

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