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Healthy Streets

What is it?
Healthy Streets' is a community led project intended to build on what a community already does best. Its aim is to add to the benefits that the introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential areas and outside schools has brought, promoting more walking and cycling in local Lancashire communities and making it more enjoyable to get out and about in them.

Our Purpose

To encourage communities to utilise their outdoor environment and feel inspired and safe to walk, play, cycle and socialise with neighbours.

Healthy Streets has helped communities across Lancashire to put their ideas into actions. From providing cycle training and cycle rides to tidying up a local walking route to making a piece of land more attractive, we may be able to help!

Anyone can get involved: local organisations, schools, faith groups, scouts and girl guides, individuals and clubs! Local people really are the leaders of Healthy Streets and they have the deciding vote on what aims and activities will be progressed.

Healthy Streets Objectives:
1. To encourage sustainable community-led solutions
2. To increase leavels of physical activity
3. To develop safer communities

4. To improve social inclusion and community cohesion

5. To bring added value to communities through partnership working

6. To contribute to improved health and well-being  

Contact Us!

If you'd like to know more, get involved, or just share some of your ideas contact the Healthy Streets Team:

Telephone: 01772 537960
So much has happened since Healthy Streets began. Over 30 areas are now participating in the initiative and getting their ideas made into actions. Click here for our full range of case studies!