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Enforcement Data

Annual Collision and Casualty Data

As requested by the Department for Transport the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership has published site specific information for each of its fixed camera sites*.

The information includes annual collision and casualty data back to 1990 for the numbers of killed and seriously injured people and for all personal injuries.
To view this data and to view the list and map of speed camera sites click here

Enforcement Information

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership works closely with its partner agencies and with Lancashire Constabulary has published the number of prosecutions arising from each permanent or long term temporary fixed camera sites**.

These include the total number of offences recorded by the fixed cameras, including a breakdown of how these offences were dealt with. The data shows how many people accepted the Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty, how many opted to attend a Speed Awareness Course and how many people were dealt with by way of a Magistratesí Court hearing.
Sites where enforcement took place but no speeding offences were detected, or where no enforcement has taken place between January and December will not be included in the fixed site by site data. Total figures are also given for static and mobile enforcement sites.

2015 Enforcement Data
These files may take a while to open
2014 Enforcement Data
These files may take a while to open
2010 Enforcement Data
These files may take a while to open
* This includes data from Lancashire County Council, Blackpool Council, Blackpool with Darwen Borough Council and Lancashire Constabulary.

** As required by the Department for Transport