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Speed Limits

Driving too fast doesn’t always mean going over the speed limit. It can mean driving at a speed that's not safe for the road conditions e.g. driving at 30mph along a busy school with lots of people around is way too fast.

Below is guide to the different speed limits:
20mph speed limit
The 20mph limit is used mainly in town centres, high streets, residential roads and near schools.
30mph speed limit
The 30mph limit is used mainly in urban areas and villages and wherever you see street lights unless otherwise stated
40mph and 50mph
The 40 and 50mph limits are mainly used in non-built up areas and where the national speed limit is not appropriate.
National speed limit
For most vehicles the national speed limit is 60mph on single carriageway roads and 70mph on dual carriageways
The dual carriageway
A dual carriageway is a road that is separated by a central reservation. For the majority of vehicles the speed limit on a dual carriageway is 70mph.
The motorway
For most vehicles the speed limit on motorways is 70mph unless otherwise indicated.